November 22, 2009

Slippery Little Fellas

For dinner tonight, I made a quick pasta with some broccoli rabe, sundried tomatoes, shallots and garlic. I topped it off with some toasted pine nuts and the king of cheeses (as Mario would say). Yummy! But alas, no pictures. It was all eaten! Even Josephine and Lucy preferred it to their frozen Elmo Whole Wheat Pizza that I heated up for them. But here's the thing -- the sundried tomatoes needed to be chopped fine, and those buggers are slippery, even under relatively sharp knives! Is there a secret to chopping them? Discuss.


Kate said...

For some reason I think "binder clip". Just clip that slippery tomato down! But it just takes one second of visual image to squash that idea. Second idea? My husband got the best knife we've ever had at a local Asian Grocery. It was 4.50 and it cuts like a dream.

tara. said...

a great knife for 4.50? i must visit said local asian grocery!

i was going to say, for the sundried tomatoes, to throw them in the food processor :). not exactly original. the binder clip idea, however, is hilarious. maybe that could be your new invention: 'the culinary clip.'

he he.

Yve said...

Oh, please come back soon!!!
I miss our cheeky *coughdirtycough* little talks :p . You bring soooooo much fun and insights to our discussion. (well, why does it suddenly sound so serious?!?!)

Have you watched the finale yet? I got a little misty-eyed towards the end...... Chef DELCOUR..... Je t'aime tellement !!!

By the way, I was reading your profile {stalker alert}, and found that we share a lot of common interests... art, craft, gocco, etc. Yay~~~

One more thing.......... I'm a MAC now... :)

Please do come back..... please, please, please!!


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