November 8, 2009

amanda was robbed

i'm not sure how it happened.  somehow, after poo-pooing reality shows for many a year, the gorge and i are now basically obsessed with watching competition shows involving food (and american idol, truth be told, but that's another, er, kettle of fish). top chef, ramsay's kitchen nightmares (UK version: HI-larious), the next iron chef.   amanda freitag was my pick to win the last of these...she's cool, her food looks delish, i like her judging on chopped (oh, there's another one!), and she's, rather obviously, a woman.  so i was quite annoyed to see tonight's episode!  she was robbed, i tells ya. it's like torvill and dean all over again.

by the way, for those of you who also enjoy some food reality, there is a new show, chef academy, coming up on bravo...and it features one of my obess - um, one of my favorite actors :).  be sure to tune in!

(wow...lots of links in that post.  i'm not getting paid for product placement, believe me!)

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