November 9, 2009

crepes two ways

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or, how to make something when there's nothing to eat.

there's something quite satisfying about cooking with what you happen to have in the fridge or pantry (or, more accurately, the cabinet). there is something even more satisfying about cooking without spending money when you have recently relocated across the country in the midst of this current economic ridiculousness.  but i digress!

where was i? oh yes, crepes. crepes are one of those things i have made over the years when i didn't have anything sweet in the house and really wanted dessert. so the other day, while thinking of what on earth i could make to eat with the cupboards nearly bare, i thought crepes. (well, i thought pancakes, but i didn't have any baking soda or powder!)

it was too late for breakfast, and i wanted 'real' food as well as something dessert-y. i decided to try savory and sweet versions of crepes. i used the same crepe recipe for both options, deciding to not add sugar as is suggested in most sweet crepe recipes. while i usually use the betty crocker cookbook (my all time fave) for these kind of recipes, this time i was too lazy to even walk the four feet to get it out of the bookcase, so i used this one by alton brown.

why is it so much easier to look recipes up on the internet, even when you have cookbooks galore, as we both mentioned earlier? damn that modern technology.


i filled the savory crepes with the carrot-habanero jam that my bro made, a combo of grated sharp and smoked cheddar cheeses, and some chopped scallions.


i had some dulce de leche that i had made in the fridge, so i thought that would be lovely as the base of the sweet crepes. we also had two bananas laying about, so i decided on a 'bananas foster' type concoction. butter, brown sugar, dulce de leche, and bananas, melted together and poured over the folded crepes. the gorge went nuts over it. of course, he has rarely met a sweet food creation he didn't like, but still, it was quite tasty.

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