November 9, 2009

twice baked

another meal based on what we had left in the fridge...this time good ol' twice baked potatoes.

i've discovered that if i have cheese around, it's possible to make something at least passably good to eat.  (or, of course, we can just eat the cheese straight up.  truth be told, cheese is one of my main food groups.)

the gorge made some delicious meatballs (more on those later!) and baked potatoes for dinner last night. so today i scooped out the leftover potatoes, threw them in a pan with butter, smoked cheddar cheese, some parmesan, sour cream, a bit of milk, chopped scallions and some salt and pepper.  when it was kinda melty and mixed through, i filled the potato 'shells' and added more parmesan (cheese, glorious cheese) and baked them.

i was wishing i had bacon to put in them, but the smoked cheddar added a surprisingly bacon-y quality. not a revolutionary recipe, but quite yum-o, to borrow a phrase!

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